Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Color Garden of life

By Nancy Toussaint

When looks at all the beauty and contrast
in his children,his creation of great beauty
His creation of love,passion,and refinement
The great color scheme of the human race
brings characteristics to what we call life

In the flower Garden called life,there are many different roses,
Red,white,yellow,Indigo,violet and so on. When all these colors
come together there is beauty and a sense of harmony and peace in the garden.
How boring it would be if all the flowers where violet.
We should thank God for making us human beings different
But also realizing we come from the same branch of life.
We are all one with God,we are human beings,God's beautiful creation of love.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The colored Girl Beautiful. Azalia Hackley,1916

Law of Attractions--Vibrations

“Every one of us has a magnet within that attracts for good or evil, and which is attracted for good or evil. The old philosophers has given us many knowledge to bear this truth. “We have this saying, Birds of a feathers, flock together”

The law of vibrations was studied centuries ago by the old wise men. One attracts the kind of vibrations that one sends out. The bible has also given us many commandments and injunctions to protect us from ourselves. We are told that one must love in order to be loved; ”to cast thy bread upon the waters and then it shall be return to you”, as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Whatever is projected will return sooner or later. One may not even send an evil thought as in an anonymous letter, valentine, or registered an unexpressed wish without making herself liable to self-punishment.

One’s personality and thoughts, either good or evil, always surround her, “like a contagious clouds.” A strong personality will always influence a weaker personality just as a magnet attracts. Many are influenced because they vibrate similarity and many are influenced because they are attractable and weak.

Revivals, riots, political agitations, and race prejudices are all evidence of the power of strong projections of thought. Race prejudice is the result of vibrations of hate and anger sent out by strong minds. The world is what one makes it by the projections of one’s thought. The magnetic, energetic, hearty person brings things about because he projects a stronger vibration of thought, will power and personality, whether in a hardy handshake, sunny smile or display of interest. By helping others we help ourselves. We must learn to give,give,give in order to receive. The sporting element and the under world recognize and fear the law of vibrations. They know nothing of the laws but they have instinctive reorganization of some force, which returns the act. They give because they desire luck. One may always receive help from them because they are afraid to use aid.

Washington Irving has said ”happiness is a reflection” Everybody countenance transmitting to others, it rays.” If one makes a habit of sending out happy loving thoughts, the face reflects the thought in grains with charm and beauty.

We must teach our minds to act upon the minds of others. We must learn the laws and obey them, that we may send out strong thoughts of peace and love to counteract the overwhelming tide of thoughts against us.”

The colored girl beautiful, 1916

Friday, November 28, 2008

Age Old Wisdom from the late Johny Cash

When I first heard this song, it brought tears to my eyes,It really touched my heart. The original song was written and performed by Nine Inch Nail,But I just love the way Johny Cash performs it. He brings so much emotions,wisdom and passion to the song. The Video was about his late wife and his addictions. One of the best videos I have seen.